The best scooters in 2020

2020-08-31 15:24:35

The last twenty years, scooters have gained immense popularity, and there is a few reasons for this. In 2020, several models will become the undisputed leaders, they have several distinctive qualities.

Scooter is a universal vehicle with minimal fuel consumption. This type of transport has gained popularity among both young and old drivers. But there is a wide variety of scooters, differing in price and characteristics.

Choosing the right type of transport is important to determine the scope. For small trips to work or to the store, a small electric scooter is suitable. If frequent long-range operation is planned, a four-stroke gasoline engine will be perfect. When choosing a specific model, it is important to pay attention to the positive and negative sides.

The scooter gives freedom of movement, especially in an urban metropolis with its endless hours of traffic jams. Vehicle price is also important.
Scooter is a miniature motorcycle, its advantages:

1. Low price.
2. Maneuverability.
3. Low landing.
4. Profitability.
5. Does not require a lot of parking space.
6. Spare parts for scooters are not a shortage.
7. Scooters are easy to repair and trouble-free.

We have compiled a list of the best scooters based on expert reviews and reviews from real customers. Our recommendations will help you make the best choice for your requirements and desires. There are many competitors in the global technology market, but we have selected the best manufacturers and recommend paying special attention to them:

The best models up to 50 cubes:

1. Honda Dio AF67.
2. Honda Dio AF 35.
3. Suzuki Lets.
4. Suzuki Address V50.
5. Irbi LX 50.
6. SYM Orbit 50.
7. Stels Skif 50.
8. Racer Meteor RC50QT-3.

Lightweight makes it possible to spend a minimum of fuel, while the speed can reach up to 75 km/h, which is enough in a big city.

Criteria for choosing a scooter

The selection of the unit begins with the determination of where it will be operated: within the boundaries of the city limits or in rural areas. When choosing a scooter, you should understand what engine is needed:

1. Two-stroke.
2. Four-stroke.

Second one is more economical, does not make too much noise, but it also costs more. Two-stroke engines quickly gain momentum, weigh less, but they consume more fuel.

The most reliable are scooters from Japanese manufacturers:

Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki.

Chinese models are inferior in quality, but they cost significantly less. When choosing a Chinese scooter, it is recommended that you first pay attention to the wheels. It is more rational to take scooter with 12-13 inches wheels, 3.6 inches wide, with components that are easier to find on the market. It is most reasonable to choose a unit with a suspension having two telescopic shock absorbers.

Honda Dio

Traditionally, Japanese scooters lead the world. One of the best models among them considered to be HONDA Dio. The machine additionally has several advantages:

1. Well-cut frame.
2. Injection four-stroke engine.
3. Economical fuel consumption (only 1.26 liters per 100 km.).
4. Parts for the Honda Dio are easy to find.
5. The scooter is easy to operate, almost silent during operation.

Another popular model is the Honda Dio AF 56. It compares favorably with rapidly gaining speed up to 60 km/h in just a few seconds. Has a good brake block. The model compares favorably with reliability in operation and a long service life. Spare parts for Honda Dio AF 56 are easy to find on the market, they are inexpensive.

Suzuki Lets 5

Suzuki Lets 5 is another popular model worldwide. It features phenomenal maneuverability, comfortable sitting, and an excellent dashboard. The model is popular especially among young people. Model weight is only 68.5 kg. Ideal for country trips and a trip to the beach. It costs almost half as much as the Honda.

Model Irbis LX 50 can be called the most aesthetically attractive. It weighs a lot, about a hundred kilograms, which makes it somewhat cumbersome. Has a well-thought-out layout, speeds up to 90 km/h. The gas tank holds about six liters, the cost of a scooter is low.

SYM Orbit

SYM Orbit 50 is made in Taiwan. Manufacturer Sanyang Industry is known worldwide, creates high-quality products that meet all international standards. A hundred kilometers consumes only 2.4 liters of fuel. The seat is comfortable, the dashboard is thought out.

More powerful scooters

If you are looking for something more powerful than 50cc scooter, you may take a look at best models of Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki, for example, Honda Vision 110 , Yamaha X-MAX 125 or Suzuki Burgman 125.