The new Ford family SUV

2020-09-30 14:19:46

2020 SUVS are made better and better every year. They are for the families, the adventure fiends, and the folks who need to haul gear with power under the hood. Owners of great SUVs live their lives to the fullest , and never stop. They are unstoppable.

The platinum model of the 2020 Ford Explorer has the style, looks, and comfort to make it unique. It has a special grille that makes everyone immediately recognize what kind of car it is. It has a beautiful finish made out of a shiny, satin chrome material that is eye catching day or night. There are dual exhaust tips in the back to make the SUV as efficient as possible (which are also chrome) plus the wheels are 20 inches wide and pockets that are painted dark for drama and emphasis. Just looking at the exterior, folks know that this full size SUV is a bonafide winner.

It is not just in exterior though! The interior is just as impressive or perhaps even more impressive, it depends on what your needs are! The interior has a dual-moonroof that comes standard (Thats right, you dont have to choose an add-on). The dual-moonroof means that there are two panels, making the roof a large portion of that moonroof! Great for night time travel for feeling like you are in a convertible.

The seating and steering wheel come with leather that is unique: called nirvana, it comes with luxurious and upgraded inserts that are quilted and precise micro-perforation. For once, it is not just the front seat that gets treated like royalty. In 2020, the middle and back seats will also get to enjoy the luxuries of the front seat, such as heated bucket seats to stay warm on crisp winter mornings. The steering wheel is also heated, comes wrapped in Nirvana leather, and has genuine wood accents and Explorer-unique stitching , all standard! The platinum is edition is definitely something you need in your life if you are going to choose an SUV. A 2020 Ford SUV is at the top of everyones list this year.

Under the hood come three options for engines that are all-powerful. They come with packages such as the Trailer Tow package or the four wheel drive intelligent terrain management system that will give all drivers confidence in taking their vehicle further, whether it is on or off the road. The interior is spacious and open, leaving ample room for equipment, bulky cargo, and numerous passengers that can sit comfortably. Even if you think you dont want to buy new and go for a certified pre owned explorer , you will be a-okay.