The story of Mercedes-Benz

2020-11-13 15:52:45

Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft registered the name Mercedes s a brand in September 26, 1902. The story of the oldest and most famous automobile company of today has begun from that very moment. Mercedes cars are a stronghold of unique style and dreams of millions.

The first unit of Karl Benz, the father-founder of Mercedes, was first shown at the Paris Motor Show in 1887. At first, people were skeptical about this strange invention. There were even a number of restrictions for the newly invented cars: the speed limit through the city was established no faster than 6 km/h, outside the city limits were 12 km/h. Being unaccustomed, people were just scared of cars.

Benz was sued once as his drivers were enjoying the ride while quickly raced past the city police station. It was then that Karl decided to invite employees of the Ministry on road trips. As a result, he was allowed to drive faster than the carriage with horses. But people were still uncertain about the cars.

 Karl Benzs wife caused a turning point in the history of Mercedes Benz in 1888. She went on a journey by car to her parents in the city of Pforzheim. The car has overcome the distance of 106 kilometers with no problems, and from that moment the whole Germany was talking about Mercedes Benz, as convenient means of transportation.

Mercedes Benz logo  a three-pronged star, meant to symbolize universal motorization, as initially the company was engaged not only in cars. Mercedes worked on the air and marine industries, mainly producing the aviation and ship engines. As the company had success in all three fields, Mercedes decided to commemorate this momentous event in its logo. The three prongs stand for land, water and air.

The three-beam star symbolizes the success of the brand in land, water and air. Yet there is another perception that the three beams represent a somewhat different meaning, interpreted as follows: Mercedes cars are made for the convenience of the driver, passengers and mechanics.

Many people know that the brand name Mercedes-Benz origins from a womans name. But it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. One of the Austro-Hungarian Ambassador Emil Jellinek decided to invest in Daimler Company, because he believed that the automobile business in the near future will have an unprecedented success. He had a daughter with a very difficult name -Adriana Manuela Ramona Jellinek and the family simply called her Mercedes.

Actually the word Mercedes in Spanish means mercy. Eventually, after the merge of Benz with the Daimler company, the head of the company stood at a crossroads. Since the trade mark Daimler was impossible to register in Germany, as a company with the same name already existed, Karl Benz offered a straightforward name Mercedes-Benz.
A vehicle for Jobs
It is known that Steve Jobs traveled only by Mercedes, and it was a Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG. It is also interesting that he always drove the car without license plates and is updated every six months. That is because Jobs has entered into a contract with the dealership, which gave him a new SL 55 every six months, and took the old one back. Also, California law states that the license plates are given for six months. But what was the benefit of the dealership? The fact that Steve Jobs owned the cars , the price for the cars jumped sharply.