Fancy a trip to the Arctic for some Aurora Borealis hunting? Check out what you can experience with a visit to the Arctic.

Unfortunately the effects of noise pollution is real and one of the greatest trouble of modern civilization.

How can Polar Bears survive?

According to most evidence gathered by researchers and scientists everywhere, the phenomenon known as global warming is quickly killing off most polar bears

The beaviour of poisonous snakes

Understanding poisonous snakes and what they can do, where they are found, and what the different types are is important. You do not want to encounter a snake in the forest or any wooded area and not know what type of snake it is or if it is classified as one of the poisonous snakes of the world. 

Nano-technology can save the Ozone Shield

With the dramatic increase in global carbon dioxide emissions, the ozone layer in the atmosphere is becoming increasingly thin

The centuries of recycling

Pre-Industrial wastes consisted of bones, ash and vegetable matter, easily recycled into compost.

Prevent indoor air pollution

Some people are conscious of outside air pollution, which compels them to use masks when they venture out in the real world. 

Plastic products that we have to stop using

Plastics are convenient. That is just a fact. But if it costs us the environment, then it is high time that we stop using plastics. 

The energy efficient future

There's a lot of talk in the media at the moment about the importance of renewables when it comes to future energy use in the World.

The benefits of energy saving appliances

Our natural resources are being depleted by power plants that use oil, coal, and other fossil fuels to produce electricity that we use in our home and different industries.