Nano-technology can save the Ozone Shield

2020-08-17 14:56:12

With the dramatic increase in global carbon dioxide emissions, the ozone layer in the atmosphere is becoming increasingly thin. Thus it makes intensity of ultraviolet radiation reaching the ground grows, resulting in significant growth in the number of patients with various skin diseases.

Nanotechnology is widely used today, nano titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for its safe and nontoxic, can shield UV, non-toxic, odorless, does not decompose, not bad, high tinting strength and hiding power or transparency, hue and chromatography wide range of excellent performance, are widely used in sunscreen cosmetics. From the sun of new technologies, new materials development, they are also very promising sunscreen cosmetics raw materials.

Nano-materials used in cosmetic sunscreen, the biggest advantage is that it belongs to inorganic inert material, unlike organic sunscreens activity and a strong irritant, the skin will produce toxic side effects, the application is very safe. For example, nano-TiO2 is a good sunscreen material. Nano-TiO2 has a shielding effect on the long wave and medium wave. Its own white, free colored, sunscreen, foundation cream, lipstick and sunscreen mousse and other cosmetics been widely used.

In recent years, nano-cosmeceuticals has been rapid development. The cosmeceutical products, in fact, are the inclusion of certain medicinal ingredients in beauty products. So it has the similar efficacy of similar drugs. Nano medicine refers to the use of nanotechnology manufacturing particle size less than 100 nm, the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine, the effective parts of the original drug compound to form a unique nano-medicine.

 Nano medicine can not only enhance the bioavailability of the drug to reduce the toxic effects of traditional Chinese medicine to enhance the clinical efficacy. It becomes more convenient and more economical for  API supplier. For example, it can not easily be absorbed by the body of drugs or foods made of nano-powder or suspension, make it easier to be absorbed. Ointment, made by nano-drugs can also be directly absorbed through the skin without the need for injection, for example, ganoderma lucidum by nano-based cosmetics, and kill tumor or bacterial ingredients can be absorbed through the skin to achieve the prevention and treatment of skin cancer purpose and other skin diseases.

Since the development of nanoscale science is only ten years in history, the awareness about it is still far from the fact. The evaluation results of macroscopic  substances in the past may not apply to 

 Nanoparticles in cosmetics are floating and movement and they are easily absorbed by the body. Then they will enter the area that the large particulate material in the human body can not reach. For example, in normal cells, a lot of sunscreen cosmetics contain titanium dioxide, nano-zinc oxide and other nano- substances. Only we seriously regard the pros and cons of nanotechnology, it will truly promote the health and orderly development of nanotechnology. Carrying out the safety of nanotechnology research is not to limit the development of nanotechnology , but to develop the nanotechnology in a healthy way.