Aurora Borealis hunting in the Arctic

2021-01-13 13:54:59

Fancy a trip to the Arctic for some Aurora Borealis hunting? Check out what you can experience with a visit to the Arctic.

If you are planning to head to the Arctic Circle to go Aurora Borealis hunting, you are in for a true, once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Many dedicated trips to Swedish Lapland to see the magnificent natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights will see you arriving into Kiruna, before being transferred by ground transport to a more rural destination for Aurora Borealis hunting excursions.

What to Expect on an Aurora Borealis Hunting Experience

Specialised Northern  travel companies pride themselves on offering an excellent service that includes a local guide, who will be there to help you get the most from your experience. The first evening is usually spent getting to know your guide, who is likely to be a Sami, native to Lapland. These gentle people are still very much dependent on their ancient ways of life and rely primarily on reindeer herding to make a living. Your guide will accompany you on your first evening adventure in search of the Northern Lights, which will be conducted on snowmobile sleds, before joining you in a traditional Sami tepee for hot drinks, dinner and plenty of Sami stories.

The region around the lodges that serve the Northern Lights trips are stunning areas of Arctic wilderness, which you will more than likely have the opportunity to explore, again by snowmobile. If you book your trip with a company that only takes small groups, you can feel like you are a million miles from anywhere. After an early morning exploration of this stunning winter wonderland, you can enjoy a delicious hot breakfast back at your lodge. At this point, many tours offer you the chance to visit the original Ice Hotel, where you can marvel at the magnificent construction and enjoy a drink or two in the icebar from a glass made of ice!
Your evenings will be spent with eyes skywards, always ready for a sighting of the spectacular Aurora Borealis. Hunting for this awe-inspiring spectacle can be done from a variety of sites.

Other experiences on your trip may include a husky sled adventure, which will see you and a partner driving your own team of dogs and exploring the wilderness of the Arctic under your own steam. An evening excursion to Abisko is also often included and, as this is considered one of the best locations to see the Northern Lights, it should not be missed.

From the lodge at Abisko, you will be kitted out with appropriate clothing and be taken to the famous Abisko Sky Station, where the chances of seeing the spectacle are greatly increased. Abisko is located right in the heart of the Auroral belt and the cloudless skies and limited false light make the theatrical display all the more incredible.

Added to these excursions, another possibility for your adventure could be a visit to the Norwegian Fjords. With so much on offer when you are on holiday Aurora Borealis hunting , just four days away can feel like a fortnight!