Marine tidal energy for green future

2022-10-17 13:37:53

With these sources of energy, cheaper and cleaner energy sources can be tapped so the human race does not become dependent on environmentally damaging fossil fuels. One source for this future energy is marine power. 

Marine power is the ability for technological machinery to utilize electricity from the movement of ocean waters. Waves and tidal movements have a force that can turn turbines at such a rate that the turbines convert the water movement kinetic energy into electricity. 

The concept of these marine energy turbines is similar to wind turbines. Wind turbines are powered by the constant flow of wind energy that turn giant fans on the turbines. Once they are turning, the kinetic energy from the wind is converted into electrical energy. Hence, there is a constant renewal of electrical energy since the wind or marine tidal forces will not stop. 

Marine turbines would be located at various points across the ocean depths. Some of the turbines may be near to the surface while others would be deep in the ocean. Some of the deep water areas can produce highly pressurized tidal forces, which can hopefully yield more electrical output. The tidal forces are constant because of the forces of gravity on the planet. The Moon, for example, causes tidal energy to flow the tides low or high as the Moons gravity pulls against the Earth. 

Estimates of this potential energy are astounding. According to a report by the United States Department of the Interior, utilizing just 1/1000 of the tidal energy that exists within the Gulf Stream could produce more power than the hydroelectric energy at Niagara Falls. New studies by investment firms and universities, like the University of Michigan, have also found ways that some turbines can harness the slow moving waters in lakes and landlocked seas for marine tidal energy. This can help areas, like states around the Great Lakes, to harness their water supplies for marine tidal electrical energy. 

Money and investment is still needed however. Under the administration of President Biden, ocean property off the coasts of the United States are being leased to investment firms who will create the infrastructure for this type of marine tidal energy turbines. The United Kingdom has also been investing in this type of energy for decades, especially with the reality that fossil fuels are not economically sustainable or environmentally friendly. All of these actions allow marine tidal energy to be a potential, booming renewable energy industry , both consumer and alike over the next few decades.