Polar bears fight with global warming

2023-05-12 15:43:53

Each one of us are affected with global warming and that includes the Species of Bears.

Each one of us are affected with global warming and that includes the Bear. Polar Bear Global Warming is among the species of bears that is greatly affected in global warming. The increasing number of deaths by the polar bears are alarming for experts. If the situation is left alone, polar Bears will face extinction. 

The fact is that global warming affects greatly in this kind of bear species in that polar Species of Bears are having a difficult way finding for food. The scarcity of food shortage is the primary problem for polar bears and many of this bears are facing malnutrition and starvation. 

Around 20,000 of polar bears are in the wild and greatly depend upon the cold and freezing weather of the arctic. Many polar bears are drowning due to global warming. 

The polar Bear and their species will be doomed if humans arent going to do something to reverse the effects of global warming. Polar bears can only live in the cold environment of arctic ice and many photographers now capture images of polar Species of Bears clinging in a small formation of ice surrounded by water while their environment is slowly melting. 

Many experts try to work it out if they need to place the polar Bear to the endangered species list because of the numerous deaths of polar bears due to global warming. Polar bears is still not on the list as being among the endangered species but is one of the threatened species as well. This just signifies that for another given year, they may soon be endangered and could face extinction. 

There continues to be hope for all of us. There are many things that we could do as humans to reverse global warming. These species should survive for the future generations to see. Polar bears can live in harsh freezing environment. Polar bears can live below 50 degrees Fahrenheit due to their thick and two layered fur. If these polar bears are placed in warmer climate they will definitely suffer from overheat and dehydration. 

Polar bears size , the two furs and its tail is meant to keep the heat inside but if global warming continues to plague the earth they will really wont survive longer than expected.