For those will heading off on one of the wine tours based on a luxury barge cruising the French waterways after the Pandemic , this guide to Champagne etiquette is invaluable.

Traditionally, Champagne has always a way to celebrate milestones or toast the bride and groom on their marriage.  Considered to be a flexible beverage, Champagne can be served with a meal or with dessert.  For many years, this truly refreshing and exotic drink has been used as a way of celebration and just enjoying the times that lie ahead.

Best fish on your dinner table

Undoubtedly, pollution is a threat to fishes and to us. Due to pollution, the mercury levels in the lakes, rivers, streams and oceans have increased and the mercury consumed by fishes become a toxin -Methylmercury.

Tips to find the best Sushi places

There are certain places which one may find preferable to go in order to buy sushi.  The article will detail different places and include tips on how to buy the best sushi out there.

German beer and the Oktoberfest

Throughout Germany, beer is very popular with the culture.  Germany contains well over 1,000 breweries, which is more than any other location in the world.

How to store wine properly

Wine racks are essential to your wine collection. Without wine racks where would you store your wine?

The variety of steaks

Steak dishes are one of the favorite dishes of many adults around the world. However the debate as to which one is the best is still going on. After all there are so many variations, types, and sides to go with it. They are all good and immensely hard to judge.

How to choose the best cuts of beef

Are you wondering how to choose the best beef for your cooking needs? 

Make your own beer at home- Top beers to brew

Beer making at home has now become a very easy task. There are many home brewing kits available in the market today. 

How can you find Truffles?

Many mushrooms look quite similar to truffles but are poisonous so never eat a wild mushroom without the guidance from an expert.