How to store wine properly

2020-08-14 14:38:42

Wine racks are essential to your wine collection. Without wine racks where would you store your wine? You could just pack various refrigerators down with wine but then how would you find it? In this article I am going to help you figure out your options. Should you use a wine cellar or simply use wine racks?

Figuring out which you need can be done in a few easy steps. First how many bottles of wine are you going to store? Then how quickly do you drink wine you are storing? Lets start with these two questions to begin with. Decide how many bottles you will be collecting and plan for the future.

If you currently have 25 bottles of wine in your small collection but hope to add 10-20 bottles of wine a month dont go small. Always plan out what you will need and go larger. Nothing is more troubling for me than having wine strewn about the floor while I decide my next move while tripping over wine trying to install the new wine racks when I should have had them to begin with. So if you need a 100 bottle rack go for the 175 bottle rack. Buy new racks well before you fill the old ones up. Figure in how quickly you drink the wine. If you drink it fast then large scale racks might not be the way to go. If you drink it slowly larger sturdier racks may be for you. Other options to consider for your wine collection include a wine room. If you have a wine room then the solution is simple,  add your wine racks to your wine room. Although make sure the wine room has a proper cooling system and is out of the sun light; cool wine lasts longer. If you do not have a wine room but want to store wine for a prolonged period I suggest a wine cellar.

Wine cellars are really not that expensive for what they provide you with. They not only provide racks already installed but they also provide cooling and prolonged storage capability. The cooling unit inside of a wine cellar keeps wine stored at the best possible setting for as many years as you need. You control your wines settings and temperature.

 All said and done you decide what is best for your and your collection. If you only collect a few bottles and only keep them for a couple of years before consumption then a plain or decorative 30 bottle rack will do what you need. Also small amounts like that will not require cooling as long as your plan is to store them for short amounts of time at room temperature and away from the sun.