Best Chinese desserts

2022-11-25 14:52:11

If Chinese food is famous throughout the world, it is because they have developed a cultural bond with their food. 

Less popular in the West are the Chinese desserts which is usually a variety of sweets and snacks, either fruit, soup, pastry or rice based, to match a tea break. You can eat this either as snacks or after a meal. Chinese desserts range from simple ones like lcyhees fruits, coconut balls and candied walnuts, to those often made during special occasions such as Nian Gao or Fa Gao, to unique ones like birds nest soup, red bean soup or black glutinous rice soup, eaten hot or cold or hot with, probably, some bings. 

Let us take a look at the various types of Chinese desserts. Gao or Kuei are rice-based snacks. They are different from region to region and depending on the type of preparation, the end result may be rather firm or jelly-like, fluffy or chewy in all kinds of textures and shapes. Fa-Gao (Huat Kuih), Tang Yuan, Bai Tang Gao and Nian Gao are different types of popular Gaos. Bing are baked confections made of wheat flour. They are similar to either the flaky kind of puff pastry (known as su in Chinese) or the short-pastry crust found in Western cuisine.

 Lard is usually used to make bing for a more tasty flavor. Mooncake Red bean paste pancake and Wife cake are the most popular bings. Sun cake and Marry Girl Cake are also equally popular. In Chinese cuisine, Tong Sui, commonly named as Tim tong is a sweet Chinese soup in either watery or thick form. 

There are extensive range of this form of Chinese desserts and one can often come across a shop in Hong Kong especially, selling solely Tong Sui. Most Chinese Tong sui are easy to prepare which entails boiling (slow, fast or double boil) the ingredients together and can be served hot or chilled. Some of the soups are prepared with restorative and beautifying properties. Rock sugar, candied winter melon or honey are often used to sweeten the soup.

 Douhua (beancurd pudding in sweet soup), sweet red bean soup, birds nest soup, mung bean soup, gingko with white fungi soup, sweet potato soup, peanut soup , beancurd skin gingko barley soup and almond soup are some of the famous Chinese tongsui desserts.