The rise of gastro pubs in London

2023-03-13 15:23:17

Gastro Pubs in London are ever so popular now and are coming to define a representation of fine British food. 

Gastro Pubs have torn up the bland and sterile old English pub format and instead installed style, freshness and gourmet led cuisine in pubs all over London. Expect to find floral wallpapers, classic chandeliers, bookcases and antique furniture to accompany your very new-age British food and drink! Discover the best gastro pubs in London

Gastro pubs have enjoyed a meteoric rise into the London pub dining scene. For many years and for some still to do this day, the view of London pubs has been greasy chips, soggy pie and perhaps an overcooked burger to accompany your pint of beer. This perception is likely to evaporate over the skies of London when you encounter the new kid on the block, the Gastro Pub.

Many shrewd London businessmen have acquired dreary old London pubs that had seen better days and completely re-designed them from interior layout, to the menus, to the atmosphere and recruited some of the best chefs available. This new drinking and eating experience in London is not to be missed as you can now have the opportunity to sample interesting and exotic drinks from around the world accompanied with a modern British cuisine that is based on fresh English ingredients but with a nod in the direction of some of the finest cuisines from around the world.

A classic Gastro Pub in London will invariably have speciality beers from across the world, fine wines that even Oz Clarke would be impressed with. You could be sampling the newest beer to come out of Czech Republic but at the same time chowing down on some fresh vegetables sourced no more than 50 miles away from the Garden of England in Kent. Gastro Pubs are designed to combine a relaxed pub atmosphere but with more of a relaxed dining experience to go with it. The days of smoke filled boozers with flashing fruit machines are a thing of the past if the Gastro Pub pioneers are concerned.

So where can one find a Gastro Pub in London? Well they are dotted around and not always to find. One of the best in South London is the Swan. This has been converted from a run-down London boozer to a delightful drinking and dining experience. The locals of Clapham are very lucky indeed. The decor is modern and forward thinking, high seat chairs and tables are available for the relaxed drinker or long elegant dining tables for bigger parties. The garden is a flora delight with exotic plants and is a great spot to drink in the summer.

Another recommended pub is The Fat Nadger Notting Hill. A foodie pub in the heart of Portobello Road. Locally sourced ingredients add to the fine British food and you will find some perfect ales to wash the food down with.

If you are in East London, then a gastro pub causing quite a storm is The Prince of Shoridge. Recently bought and refurbished, this gastro pub was fed up with the usual pub service and wanted to offer a fine dining experience with an informal , local feel pub atmosphere. They have done just that and more. There are some exciting dishes on the menu and is all locally sourced so you are playing your part in supporting the local economy.

The Gastro pub in London is doing a fine job in rejuvenating the London pub scene so get out there and start sampling what London has to offer.