Tips to make the perfect steak

2023-08-22 14:56:06

Steak dishes are one of the favorite dishes of many adults around the world. However the debate as to which one is the best is still going on. After all there are so many variations, types, and sides to go with it. They are all good and immensely hard to judge.

The first type of steak many of us are familiar with is beef steak. This is steak made from a cow and is the standard steak that many in North America eat. Now there are many variations of this particular one, you can have it smothered in sauce, broiled, char broiled, grilled, and burnt. Some people like their steaks to be done all the way through and nearly tough as leather, again its a personal thing.

Once you figure out how you want your steak dinner you have to decide the side dishes to go with it. After all no dinner is complete without side dishes. The traditional way the steak has been served in my area was singed, with sauce, with a side of mash potatoes with gravy, and green beans. Whether its a favorite of anyone else outside my area is unknown but it seems to please the local folks.

Do not let this fool you though, the sides that you can have with a steak dinner are insanely numerous. The main ones that are eaten in my state are mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, cole slaw, applesauce, baked potato, and fries. Not all together mind you, that would be one sure trip to the hospital. Now add the side dishes from other areas around the world and you have quite the build menu.

As mentioned earlier there are many different kinds of steak. You can find pork steak, deer steak, and many other types. The quality of the meat also determines how the steak will turn out. There are many different kinds of beef steak to choose from at the marketplace. The lowest grade tends to be the fattiest, but the cheapest. The high end grade is very expensive, but also very lean. Regardless you have to cook them properly to get the best taste.

That usually involves a grill and the cooks favorite charcoal, or gas. Steak dinners arent just a food to be eaten though, for many entire family days are planned around the cooking of these pieces of meat. Mainly because it takes so long to cook properly. This gives people ample time to catch up with each other and play games, or just enjoy each others company.

The added effect of running around while it is cooking is building up an appetite. Most steaks are large and take a while to eat. This also leads to more family activity. Many people enjoy these summer activities and plan for them every year.

In closing steak dinners are one of the most anticipated and planned on meals in North America. Many people plan their summer get togethers around them, others just really like to eat them. Regardless there are many types of steak , and many sides to go with them. Happy eating and make sure to enjoy it.