How to choose medical spa

2019-02-06 07:33:33

These businesses offer minimally invasive services for individuals hoping to improve their appearance and sense of being without the hassle of surgery or an extended recovery time. In this article, we will outline a few tips to help you decide which practice is right for you!


1. Who is the director?
These facilities should be overseen by a qualified physician whose specializes in the skin-related or aesthetic fields. A good example would be a dermatologist or plastic / cosmetic surgeon. 

2. Where is it located?
Does the director have a local office, or does he practice in a different area? In the case that the doctor is not nearby, take note. This may be a warning sign. 

3. Is the doctor readily available to see patients at the spa in order to answer questions or in case of complications? 
You should keep in mind that procedures such as injections (fillers, Botox, etc,), certain facial peels, and laser hair removal and each medical procedures which need be performed by a trained professional with the same type of care you would expect in a doctor or surgeon’s office. If you find yourself in a situation that needs addressing, the director should be available to discuss your options. 

4. What type of schedule does the physician have? 
Knowing that the physician keeps a set schedule with which to evaluate patients is very important. This is a good sign that the doctor plays an active role in the business and that they would be available to see you if needed. 

5. Where and how were the clinicians trained?
If the doctor personally takes the time to train the clinicians it is indicative that they promote uniformity in the treatment of their patients in order to insure the best possible results. This also allows the director to provide further training when necessary. 

6. Do you feel comfortable? 
Schedule a walkthrough of the spa and see what the atmosphere is like. Is it a relaxing environment? Is the staff helpful and friendly? 

Once you’ve gone through this list, you should have a pretty good idea whether the facility is worth your time and money. Remember not to settle , and to be confident in your end decision.