Science can be fun for all ages, especially when dealing with static electricity! There are quite a few experiments out there to try out and learn from. To begin with though, we must understand the basics.

Astronomers have found more evidence that Mars was wet and warm in the ancient past, but the discovery comes with a twist: The water may have flowed below the Martian surface, rather than on top of it.

Pollution in Space

I bet you have not ever wondered about pollution of space. Yes, man started polluting space ever since Yuri Gangarin (first man in space) saw Earth in its entirety.

Facts about turtles

There is quite a huge number of differences within the family itself. Turtles are quite different from tortoises in their lives. Most turtles species spend their lives near a body of water. Turtles always have webbed feet and are able to swim much better than tortoises, who have stubby feet and sharp claws.

How cold is Space?

Do you think space, or rather the vacuum, is cold? During my survey on the web during the past few months, it clearly showed that most people would answer yes to that question.

The iron and the steel industry

Few people know how much the steel field, and with it the whole iron and steel industry, are important for our country. Steel is one of the largest used resources in all areas of business and productive world.

How to survive earthquakes

Concerning natural disasters, we are unable to avoid them, but we could do everything possible to survive when that happens. 

The medical use of diamond smoke

A kind of frozen smoke made of diamonds ,the lightest form of diamond known could find use within electronics and sensors in everywhere from the human body to outer space.

Space mirrors can stop global warming

The record-breaking temperatures of the past few years are getting more people thinking about bigger solutions to climate change. Ideas once thought of as wacky are now receiving careful consideration, including an idea that sounds straight out of science fiction: cooling the earth by launching reflective mirrors into space.

Why science fiction is so popular?

Books are believed to be a cause of inspiration that makes one well informed and provide an experience.