Why science fiction is so popular?

2022-06-29 15:33:05

Books are believed to be a cause of inspiration that makes one well informed and provide an experience. 

The world of books takes its reader to an exciting destination where readers can identify themselves with the character. Currently in the market there are various types of books available and among them science fiction books are becoming more popular and well liked by everyone. 

The fiction books are the books where author writes a story based on fictional events and characters, which are not true and simply it is the imagination of the writer. Fiction books are based on fictional stories where imagination and creativity takes the reader to a completely new world of mystery, adventure or fairy world that gives wonderful reading experience for readers of all age and interest.

The fiction books can be categorized into fantasy novels, comic, romantic novels, horror, thrillers, science fiction and classic fiction. The science fiction books are based on science and give excitement and keep the readers involved. Some of the top science fiction books involve, The Lensman Series, Slaughterhouse-Five, The Gathering, 001, A Space Odyssey, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, etc. These science fiction books are very popular among those who prefers scientific thinking more than fictional books that is based on comic or romantic fundamentals. These books keep the interest of the reader alive and give readers an exciting experience.

 It also gives challenge to their balanced mind by keeping them entertained and occupied for several time. The books based on science fiction area easily obtainable almost everywhere. These books are exclusive and excel in scientific temperament.
Some of these may involve: A setting in outer space, or another world, or planets, or including aliens or all of these factors united or a setting somewhere in the future or in a parallel universe, in an alternative timeline, or in historical past.
The thesis for all super natural novels is that they engages a reader and let them think that how could this happen.  The reason is that in all writing, it states something unusual or different.

The purpose of sci-fi novel is always to make a mark on the society. However, there is nothing superficial about this kind of novel. This is because even films have a hard time capturing the legion of ideas presented in the classics, like The Man in the High Castle , the best novel which is written by Philip K. Dick.