How to survive earthquakes

2022-09-27 13:15:36

Concerning natural disasters, we are unable to avoid them, but we could do everything possible to survive when that happens.


Requiring some common senses concerning the hedge of earth quake is very necessary. Earth quake may transpire everywhere. You must know right methods to survive under different conditions.

In terms of natural disasters, we cannot prevent them, but we can do every thing possible to survive when that occurs. Requiring some common senses in regards to the hedge of earth quake is very necessary. Earth quake may occur everywhere. You should be aware of right methods to survive under different conditions.

If you are at theatres, gymnasium and places there is an earthquake. 1st action is to relax. Dont cry out or run disorderly. You need to crawl under a heavy-duty platform and cover your face and head with your arms quickly. Abstain from the droplight, electronic fan, etc. Once the quake temporarily stops, you should follow the working staffs commands, organized by evacuated, because the damaged building is very dangerous after the quake.

If you are at a bazaar, bookstore or exhibition place. Run away from windows and massive bureaus or bookcases that could fall down. If you are inside the tunnel squat, be sensible to movements under your feet, just waiting for the earthquake subsiding. 

If you are in school, you can consider to hide below the class desk instantly. Cover your head and close your eyes. Wait around for the recovery.

If you are in a large building, please do not get in a lift, earthquakes cut power as well as change the door position and you might possibly not be able to go out. So you plan strong corners to cover during the quake, such as, an location with close walls like restroom and stairwell. In the meantime, be sure your escape route out of the building is very secure. 

If you become confined down below debris, protect your mouth with wet wash cloth or tshirt. Unless of course you have to, do not yell for help, you risk inhaling dangerous quantities of dust. You should help save the energy, if important you can tap against a pipe or alternative items to help make noise for assist.

Finally, if you are outside buildings during the quake, stay away from them and get a clear place to stay. If earth quake arises, you should get ready some supplies: water, food items, clothes, medicinal drugs and some other related equipment. Regardless you can do , you want to keep life harmless during the earth quake.