The reasons of tooth sensivity

2020-10-26 14:52:41

If  you are suffering from tooth sensitivity, there is nothing to worry as there are a number of things that can soothe the tooth sensitivity problem.

There are various reasons why you could be experiencing the mouth malady. Some of the causes are the following:

Brushing with much gusto:

 If you brush your teeth with too much force and use a hard-bristled toothbrush, this might be a reason why you experience that ouch feeling. When you brush your tooth too hard, you end up wearing down the protective layer of the teeth and exposing the canals or hollow tubes that expose the dental nerves. When the tubules get exposed to cold, hot, sticky, or acidic foods, you experience tooth sensitivity.

Eating acidic food:

 Most of you care a little about the food you eat as long as it doesnt add to the waistline. However, when the nerves are exposed, it might become painful if you eat acidic foods such as lemon, tomato sauce, grapefruit, pickles and kiwi.

Grinding teeth:

causes the enamel to wear down despite the fact that it is the strongest part of the body. This way, you expose the dentin, which is the middle layer of the teeth and contains the hollow tubes leading to the nerves. One of the ways of preventing grinding is by using a Mouth guard. Choose a custom-made guard that will fit well to get the best results.

Use of teeth whitening toothpaste:

 You must be careful when choosing the teeth whitening toothpaste as there are manufacturers who add chemicals to whiten teeth in the toothpaste formula. This chemical might be the cause of increased tooth sensitivity. It is best to consider changing your toothpaste and pick the one that is organic or natural based.

Gum disease:

 A receding gum can also cause tooth sensitivity. If this is the problem, the dentist may suggest a procedure to seal the teeth and treat the gum. On the completion of the dental procedure, you will surely find relief from the discomfort.

Excessive plaque:

 When there is an excess buildup of plaque, the enamel may wear away leading to tooth sensitivity.

Cracked Teeth:

 Biting into hard candies or munching ice can lead to broken teeth or chipped teeth. The cracked teeth expose the nerve-rich pulp that is hidden deep inside, as when you chew the food you might witness a little discomfort and tooth sensitivity.

These are not the only causes of tooth sensitivity. Some other causes include chipped or cracked tooth, soon after the dental procedure and decay around the edge of the filling.