How to maintain weight during Christmas

2020-12-21 02:53:39

Usually, after the Christmas holidays, stepping on the scale often becomes a huge problem, in fact, many people do not avoid seeing the needle go too fast towards a number is not required! But maybe  there is a solution, the time to prepare for avoiding simple but subtle errors in the run up to Christmas and the rest of the holidays that follow.

As every year for many people is related to the preoccupation with what it sees in the mirror since early January, after the debauchery Christmas, Then it is perhaps appropriate to clarify that a proper diet should be adopted throughout the year and not only in specific periods, perhaps to prepare for dress rehearsal in the summer or to remove excess Panettone after Christmas. 

So let us see together some small but concrete efforts to prevent to arrive before Christmas with the question of whether or not to climb on the scales!

How to avoid small errors in power

One of the first things to consider are the small errors, the ones that normally go unnoticed, for example, is normal before Christmas to meet with old friends or colleagues, perhaps for a coffee, which was not a long time, and the windows of accomplices Christmas and the festive atmosphere, the temptation to let go maybe a good chocolate is strong. If chocolate is not true that you eat almost anything, and in any case is typically winter, perhaps to avoid adding plenty of whipped cream on top, or worse than sugar, not only add unnecessary calories, but you do not even appreciate the true flavor of this drink nervine.

About nervine drinks has to keep in mind that every time you drink a coffee, or a tea, Should not exceed as each 10 grams of sugar (about two bags) you can easily reach the 40 calories. The calculation is easily done: 6 drink coffee a day, that is for you only 240 calories of sugar, which could be avoided! If you plan to spend your Christmas holidays to many dinners and lunches, as of now to increase your physical activity, perhaps by passing a walk of thirty minutes to an hour a day, you will burn more calories and you get lighter of 24 at dinner!

Tips for eating better

Another piece of advice is to eat more slowly and this, as well as other tips, that is all year round, but especially at Christmas when the courses are many and the risk of exaggerating the food is high. Try it then it is the food diary, A sort of day by day account of what we eat: compiling all year will not have to make big mistakes, because that way you always check your receipts and you are not likely to exceed in some situations, because we know better, we say so introspective. Eating in the company it would seem, according to recent research, a good way to not overeat, but that often happens to people who eat alone.

Foods to avoid before Christmas

By controlling certain types of special foods, such as cold cuts or cheese, in the 20 days that precedes Christmas will be better and healthier option for a lot of vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grain products and try to avoid sweets as much as possible. The rooms will be checked, noting that it is easily contained in many foods and often it is really unnecessary to add in this regard then read the labels carefully when taking over sodium glutamate, often contained in cooked dishes.

The same is true for stored food, for example, it is better to prefer the fresh vegetables and canned or dried, as this is the poorest of vitamins and minerals lost during pasteurization of the product. Chocolate is very difficult at this time does not meet better then make a smart choice and enjoy a good piece of fudge, which compared to other colleagues is poorer than sugar , and a small breach in this way we can succeed concede.