The danger of toxic stress

2022-04-29 13:09:19

There is one thing on this planet that can heal just about any problem in your life and that is the immune healing systems of the body.

 However, there is one thing that will turn off that one thing-toxic stresses. It is responsible for almost 95 percent of illness and disease. The remaining five percent is genetic and caused by stress somewhere in your ancestry at the cellular levels. There may have been a time when just eating well and getting a few minutes of exercise every day was enough, but those days are gone. 

Staying healthy is an active pursuit. What many people are realizing is that they need to be proactive and consciously taking the extra step to ensure their own good health. We are living in a world with a constant barrage of toxic assault from the pollution in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, the products we bathe in, the clothes we wear, the homes we live in, and even our food. With the right information from trusted sources, we can make changes in our lives that lessen our exposure and teach us how to purge what we cannot avoid from our bodies through detoxification.

Unfortunately, for many of us, there are toxins that pose possibly even greater threats to our livelihood and our health. These toxins are especially insidious because we cant see, smell or taste them. We never know when these toxins may arise to poison us and they are different for each of us. It can be difficult to determine their source, but their effects on our health can be immediate, or culminate in chronic disease after years of exposure. The insidious danger I am referring to is toxic emotion. Before you dismiss the very real danger and effect toxic emotions have on your well-being, let me tell you there are many prestigious universities like Harvard and Mayo Clinic who agree that emotional toxins such as stress, anxiety, sadness, deep frustration, loneliness, helplessness and anger can indeed affect your thoughts, feelings, behavior and, ultimately, your health. For example, stress even appears to impair the clearance of fat molecules from the body. With all the environmental toxins and toxic stress it is no wonder that obesity has become such an epidemic!

With the mind-body connection being so strong, that your emotions may be the main culprit behind low sex drive, sleep problems, extreme fatigue, headaches, anxiety, irritability, digestive issues, skin problems, drug or alcohol use, eating disorders and more. Unchecked toxic emotion can contribute to serious health problems including high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and even diabetes. Since even childhood with our tummy aches resulting from social and achievement related stressors, we learned to be overly critical about our own achievements and protect ourselves with our sympathetic nervous system with our fight or flight response in uncomfortable situations. During the fight or flight response, heart rate and blood pressure increase, glucose levels are raised and blood is distributed from the digestive tract to the muscles. Years of experiencing this reaction due to stress, anxiety and anger cause permanent damage to the body.

Even as adults, we have developed coping mechanisms which can develop into high blood pressure or stomach ulcers as a result of experiencing strong feelings of anxiety , stress or sadness. This is how what we are experiencing on an emotional level triggers physical health problems that often seem to have no cause. Please decide for to purge yourself of your negative toxic stresses that have accumulated through the years with alternative mind-body healing practices and self-realization techniques which are preferential to medication by detoxing these unhealthy emotions from your mind and body for the prevention of chronic diseases such as mentioned in this article.