Must see places in the Czech Republic

2023-09-06 14:08:17

The Czech Republic is a land of castles, cathedrals, mineral springs and spas. Explore the colorful architecture and culture during your Czech holiday.

Bordered by Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Poland, The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in central Europe. Blending the medieval old world charm and modern contemporary culture perfectly, Czechia has continental and oceanic climates. Capital city Prague greets the world tourists with fascinating architecture and a splendid festive atmosphere. Furthermore, the UNESCO world heritage sites, magnificent castles, fine art galleries, and museums entice one and all on a holiday.  However, Czech Republic Holidays offer plenty of hot springs and leisure to relax. With morning dew on the leaves and white snowflakes on the streets, Czechia turns into a wonderland in winters. Mulled wine to taste and Santa Claus gifts to take, this central European country is otherworldly. And also, the spectacular nature and the splendid hiking spots offer stunning sights to soak in the peace and pump the adrenaline.  

Prague Castle

The city of Prague looks untouched for centuries with fairytale castles, 14th century Charles Bridge and still working 1410 astronomical clock. However, the Prague Castle looks stunning with imposing spires and towers. Indeed this is the most popular attraction in the city. In fact, it is the largest ancient castle complex in the world. Housing several historical buildings, museums and galleries, Prague Castle should be must in the bucket list on Holidays in Prague.  

St Vitus Cathedral 

Built over a period of 6 centuries, St Vitus Cathedral is another historical gem in Prague. Here, discover the 14th-century mosaic of the Last Judgement, tombs of St Wenceslas and Charles IV along with the silver tomb of St John of Nepomuk and the Chapel of St Wenceslas. And also, housing the masterpieces of Picasso, Monet, and Renoir, the Czech National art gallery is a great spot to hit by the art lovers.

Charles Bridge

Finally, take a peaceful walk on the 14th century Charles Bridge by enjoying the views of Vltava River. Actually, this bridge was built by Charles IV in 1357 in place of the destroyed Judith Bridge due to floods. In fact, one can still see the surviving arch of Judith Bridge on a boat trip.

Karlovy Vary

After exploring the glorious and glamorous Prague, one can find a great day out at the wonderful spa town of Karlovy Vary. Interestingly, this town is a fascinating mix of mineral springs, spas, and architecture.  A two-hour drive from Prague is definitely worthy to explore the exquisite architecture and relax in the curative waters. In fact, many tourists love to visit this beautiful town for its famed natural springs. But, Karlovy Vary has more to offer than just medicinal springs. Take a stroll along the beautiful cobbled streets of the town to discover the colorful architecture. And also, this gorgeous town has many spots to enjoy the stunning views of the river valley.

Diana Observation Tower

With 1800 ft height, the Diana Observation Tower is the highest point in the town. Take a lift to reach the heights of this tower and enjoy the stunning views of the town. However, one can also hike to the heights of this tower on a holiday.

Svatosske Rocks at Romantic Valley

Passing through the huge granite massif, Ohri River formed a deep canyon leaving a huge rock wall on onside in the romantic valley. Over a period of time, the erosion from rain and wind formed huge pillars of rock famously known as Savatosske Rocks. The tourists, who visit the spas of Karlovy Vary, visit this natural site either by foot or cycle. Stretching from Karlovy Vary to Loket, the Romantic Valley is part of the Slavkov Forest Protected Landscape Area. Indeed, this is a divine destination to soak up peace and tranquility of nature. Here, take some picture-perfect snaps to take Czechia memories back home.

Botanical Garden in Slavkovsky Les Mountains

Stretching between Prameny and Mnichov, the Botanical Garden in Slavkosky Les Mountains is located at a distance of 38 KM from Karlovy Vary. It is a wonderful place to hit on the Czechia Holidays to discover a wide range of plant species. And also, the lush green meadows turn into colorful gardens of protected species of flowers. Aboe all, it is a great place to spot the beautiful globeflower and the blue Siberian iris. Finally , one can bottle the water from the emerging mineral springs of  Grunska and Novovesk for a luxury drink.