Behavior changes in Pandemic

2020-11-16 15:37:46

We are living in the age of a pandemic. This pandemic had led us to work from home and never lets us out. Due to this extended lockdown, there are many changes observed, not only in the environment but in human behavior too.

Humans have low social contact; they have to live in a tiny group of people. As people dont have to go then, they have to interact with each other or watch the television or on-air programs. On the news, they have to know all the negative headlines.

These small actions have led to a significant shift in the behavior of that person. Generally, the shift is toward the extreme emotional side, whether it is anger and negative side of the humble and positive side.

Due to this, as every epidemic or pandemic, there is a rise in both sides of the emotion. On one side, people are coming forward to help the unfortunates in the record numbers, and on the other, there is a rise of 36 percent increase in the domestic violence and 49 percent increase in violent action reports in the world. This pandemic has put humans to concern about other people and making human ruthless at the same time. There is panic among the public regarding the vaccination of the virus.

There are people who inspired a lot of people in this pandemic to help others such as Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey, some political leaders (Jacinda Ardern, Angela Markel, Justin Trudeau), and a lot of people trying to strengthen the political agenda.

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