The benefits of endurance training

2021-01-06 14:20:45

The sport men of endurance and the other kinds of sport men are not the same in some aspects. When you are doing endurance training at the moment, your blood is dancing and running with endurance. You ought to thanks to the endurance training, you are just able to obtain a strong body in this way.

There are some physiologies indexes for evaluating the functions level of oxygen transportation. Let us make an example with VO Max. However, the relative magnitude of VO Max of common people is about from 50 to 55 ml/kg/min. There is approximately 94ml/kg/min for perfect cross-country skiing athletes.

Here are three kinds of sport men in the following, such as endurance event sports men, non sports men and strength event sports men. We are able to make comprise about these hearts in order to make out the differences.

It is making the best use of oxygen with the skeletal muscle.

In the time of running through muscular tissues for blood of the capillary, in addition, the muscular tissues could absorb and make use of oxygen.

There is a show form study of physiology. The capacity for absorbing and using oxygen of muscle tissues has something with the other things, which are able to determine it. In addition; it is connected with muscle fiber form along with aerobic metabolic capacity. The proportion of muscle fiber I is relatively high. There is relatively high for aliveness of aerobic metabolic enzymes. In addition, the muscles tissues will increase and strength the capacity of absorbing and exploiting oxygen.

There is a high percentage of slow muscle fiber for perfect endurance events athletes. There are too much mitochondrion. There is high activity for aerobic oxidize enzyme. There is a big scope for capillary to make distribution. As a consequences that it is going to climb into the top with the capacity of assimilating and having access to oxygen in the meantime.

It is said that the transpiration of heartbeat has an effect on the center mechanism of aerobic endurance for the time being. There are two factors which could effect peripheral mechanism of aerobic endurance. However, they are percentage structure of muscle fiber type as well as the ability of aerobic metabolism.

There is common idea that anaerobic threshold could make known the capacity of absorbing and using oxygen when people are doing sports, which are in all directions of some degrees. In this way we will offer an example for you, which is making the best use of the methods of expressing the relative quality for max amount of anaerobic threshold. The higher ratio is to be stronger ability of muscle to make the best use of oxygen.

There will sixty-five percent amount of absorbing oxygen for ordinary person, which is the biggest amount for them. However , the amount of absorbing oxygen may be eighty percent or even over it for some perfect endurance athletes.