Many are considering kitchen renovation. Most of the time, this is because we want to create a more modern space, or we want to make sure that when we sell our homes again, our home has a higher value.

To make the best use of a small space, use light colors; they give the illusion of light and space. Clear clutter, as a neat and tidy room will give the impression of more space.

Create your perfect bedroom!

The bedroom is a private personal retreat where you should be able to close the door on the rest of the world. 

Furnishing tips for kid's bedroom

When we talk about the kids bedroom furniture it does not necessarily mean dressers, Chest of drawers, beds, a desk or night lamps, but all the other things or accessories that add to the personality and character of the person who shall live in the room.

Swimming pool renovation tips

You have a swimming pool that you and your family enjoy very much. But now it is time for an upgrade, a complete renovation,  or just a change to your backyard and swimming pool. 

The beauty of French furniture

Individuals who have furnished their house with French furniture find beauty and glamour beyond belief.

Interior design ideas- living in a sweet spot

Interior design is important when it comes to making your home look lovely. 

The principles of harmonic interior design

Interior design is a process of applying creative and technical solutions into a specific structure in order to achieve a desired environment.

Outdoor area furnishing tips

Furniture, whether inside or outside the house, contributes the required appeal to the four dull traditional surfaces.

Decoration with Feng Shui

The importance of following feng shui decorating guidelines.