Contemporary Italian furniture trends

2021-01-15 15:15:41

Not just in clothing, also furniture can now start new trend. Designers challenge themselves to invent and create modern shapes furniture, very imaginative but also more ergonomic and comfortable.

But how does the dining room change, under the pressure of these new trends? How do change tastes and used materials? Up to some years ago, furniture quality was strictly linked to the wood it was made of and to the quality of wood, so for example quality depended on wood thickness or the manual ability of who created the object. Today things are changing; new concepts and new materials have been created, to satisfy new tastes of new generations. A new way to live the house has come, the minimalism floods and wraps everything with its rigor. But wooden furniture still represents elegance and style, it always remains a timeless classic, essential to decorate with style and elegance.

Moreover it is not sure that technological innovation can not go hand in hand with traditional craftsmanship. Manufacture processes applied to the production, in the medium/high-end companies, still inspire and fulfill craft criteria.

This ensures the care and the choice of used materials in the manufacturer processes, these materials are always carefully checked out by specialized personnel. In terms of design, the elegant furniture has always been one of the primary goal of Made in Italy production: in its products, the usual sober and modern style perfectly integrate with the full functionality and the most constructive care, and this to ensure that all products are always adapted to demanding users, but also sensitive to novelties, refinement and comfort. Clean and essential lines, first choice materials, great productive care and studied combination. Classical furniture, but modern lines and materials are the answer to comfort, elegance and glamour needs.

But the trends in this area are now numerous, some people prefer comfort and ergonomic above all, and some others would rather give up a little bit of comfort to focus instead on the beauty and harmony of forms. Furniture and furnishing then renew themselves, with the most innovative creations of different designers, with different and spectacular shapes and colors.

Thanks to an always evolving technology and a constant research on use and processes of this material, the versatility of aluminum is exploited, not only to realize the soul of an object but to transform it into a product, enhanced by a design that takes advantage of practicality and charm. If the most actual trend in the interior design is the fusion style, in tune with the polymorphous diversity of tastes and cultures that characterizes contemporary life; some companies have fully grasped the potential, doing of an eclectic mix of aesthetics and cultural references its formal recognition. Revive past styles again in a new light, which enhances the preciousness, but at the same time undermining from within the authority through a sort of camouflage made of bright colors, unusual materials, and new finishes. This is their main aim.

These were some of the latest news, now to decorate our home solutions are varied and flexible, but above all, all very beautiful , it only remains to decide which your style is!