Bonsai tradition and cultivation

2022-11-04 14:57:20

Plants are a primary necessity for life on the planet. They perform an integral role in maintaining the right environment for life to survive and flourish. 

Planting more trees has become a necessity for the world today and people usually do indoor gardening. And Bonsai cultivating is one of the most popular form of Indoor gardening.

Bonsai refers to the ancient Japanese art of keeping miniature plants and trees which are grown in containers.

Plants are integral to the planets environment and also vital for the survival of animal or human lives.Plants purifies the air by turning carbon dioxide into oxygen through Photosynthesis and they also regulate the water cycle by helping move water from the soil to the atmosphere through a process called transpiration. All natural habitats are based on plants and trees, and many species of fish and animal life depend on plants for food and shelter. 

Human beings also depend on plants for their food and an estimated 7,000 different plant species have been used as food by people throughout the ages. They are also used in medicines andmore than one-quarter of all prescription drugs and medicines come from plants. The majority of the worlds population relies on plants for their primary health care.

People also use plants as decors for interiors and for gardening too. Garden plants provide a soothing effect to the surroundingsand generate a natural and peaceful environment.They bring the beauty of Nature indoors and provide much-needed freshness and cheer to any surroundings. 

Gardening helps improve the environment and it also givespeople the psychological satisfaction of doing their part for the planet.One of the most popular type of gardening or growing indoor plants is cultivating bonsai trees or plants. Bonsai is an ancient Japanese art form ofproducing small trees that mimic the shape and style of mature, full-size trees.

 The miniature trees or plants are grown in containers.Bonsais are grown from regular stock and seeds unlike genetically dwarfed plants. The bonsai plants are considered as high-class works of art and it requires much dedication to cultivate and perfect a single tree or plant. The ultimate goal of growing a bonsai is to create a miniaturized but realistic representation of nature in the form of a plant or a tree and they are traditionally styled to reflect natural situations or landscapes.

 Bonsai growing is an art considered to have no ending, unlike other works of art, there is no such thing as finished bonsai as long as the trees are still alive and growing. The plants need to be tended to and looked after on a daily basis.