The beauty of French furniture

2022-11-30 15:06:33

Individuals who have furnished their house with French furniture find beauty and glamour beyond belief. Run of the mill furniture, it is certainly not; as houses become the envy of every neighbour and admirer.

 Guests love to visit and admire the aura created in the home.

French furniture is without question the most fashionable and sensitive in expression. It is characterised by superb, bowed legs, flowery silvery or amber trimmings on drawers and handles. There are also curved contours and cream and white colours predominating. Racy fabrics and top quality wood give way to making any area decorated with French furniture, one that is fit for a call by royalty.

To get an idea in your mind of what French furniture looks like, consider Louis XIV, a golden age, outstanding arts, well penned literature and the French Court. The man known as the Sun King is the one who started the love of French furniture. It was the 17th Century, and a decadent and hedonistic lifestyle was the norm.

Not to be missed are the fabrics on French furniture. You will find loads of chair seats upholstered in the cream and gold brocade with tassels, loved by the French, on each recess. This designing is frequent in sofas and chaises longues, and in delicate furnishings.

Dining rooms are transformed with a French dining table and chairs. To complete the look, place a heavy French mirror above an open fire place or mantle piece. The ceiling would be not be complete either unless it holds a French crystal Chandelier. 

This lavishness can be repeated in your living room with a couple of chaises longues instead of modern sofas to recline on. Place the TV in an antique Loire cabinet that is opened while you watch TV and closed when you are not. This way the TV is hidden and the cabinet blends in with the decor unlike most TVs.

Of course French mirrored furniture will make you feel like you are sleeping in a castle. The padded seat belonging to the large dressing table will fulfill the job in the bedroom. Standing on shaped feet (like little paws) and elegant legs, in pure white, silver or gilt, with complex handles these items will make your bedroom into a French boudoir.

Without doubt the vanity stands, for around the basin , and the enormous range of hanging racks will suit the bathroom. This will resemble a renaissance conversion. Beauty in your house is possible with French furniture. Why shouldnt you feel like a queen or king every day? French furniture has a way of transforming your home into one of fashion and elegance.