Visit the Mozart Museum in Salzburg

2022-08-01 15:00:10

Visiting the lovely city of Salzburg? If you have an interest in music, the Mozarteum should definitely be your first stop after you settle in from your Salzburg airport transfers. 

This magnificent university, in the centre of the fabulous city, specialises in music and dramatic arts. Named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was born and grew up in the Austrian city, the university is, unsurprisingly, one of the most respected universities in the world for music students.

A Brief History on the Mozarteum

After World War II, the Mozarteum was known as the Music High School and gained the status of an academy in 1953. From 1970, it was known as the Mozarteum Academy of Music and Performing Arts, and then in 1998 it finally became renowned as the Universitšt Mozarteum Salzburg, after the reform of Austrian Universities.

A Beautiful Campus

Even in the heart of such a great city the university offers a memorable sight. You may pass by some of the sites on your Salzburg airport transfers, as there are nine in total. The New Mozarteum, the Theatrum and the Schloss Frohnburg are particularly interesting to spend some time in.

The New Mozarteum houses all the artistic departments concerned with musical training at the University. The departments include conducting, musicology and music educational theory.

Located at Mirabellplatz 1, the New Mozarteum was conceived by architect Robert Rechenauer, after he won a competition to design the project. He started work in 2004 and the Mozarteum opened in 2006 with a structure that opens out towards the city and features large, inviting glass foyers.

While even driving in to the city on your Salzburg airport transfers will immediately begin to expose you to the Austrian culture, a visit to the chamber music hall (or Solitar) will immerse you further into the citys refreshing creativity. If you have a special event in mind  like a wedding, special anniversary or concert  if you dont mind splashing out for it, the Mozarteums function rooms can be privately hired.


The Theatrum, in the Paris-Lodron-Strasse, houses the departments of drama and stage directing, as well as stage design. Formerly an Austrian army barrack, architect Erich Wagner redesigned the building and, since October 2007, it has been a major learning centre for drama, stage direction and design. It consists of excellent teaching rooms, well-lit drawing rooms and rehearsal stages, and it even has a gymnasium.

Schloss Frohnburg

The Schloss Frohnburg is a grand, historic location for concerts and banquets. The concert hall seats 80-85 people, while the conference hall has 60 seats. The complex also houses a luxury student residence. With a cosmopolitan, creative atmosphere, the building has a quiet situation in a large park with an open-air theatre. However, the main benefit for keen and talented music students is the unlimited time to practice in the Music House, which has ten practice rooms and eight grand pianos.

Whether you have an interest in music or simply want to discover the creative culture in Salzburg , the Mozarteum offers a great first place. Ask the driver on your Salzburg airport transfers to point you in the right direction and return on foot to explore at your leisure.